We help you outsource strategically

The one thing that sets Trizma apart is our commitment to our clients. As an outsourcing business, it's our responsibility to not only complete, but also better our client's core business.

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who are we?

Trizma is a trusted partner and go-to provider for core business outsourcing. From working with clients and building a centre from the ground-up, to helping clients get better insights into their data analytics, Trizma has been a pioneer in the outsourcing industry since 2002.

Trizma has been winning the title of trusted partner for over 16 years, not just because of the quality we deliver, but because trust, loyalty, and commitment are rooted in our DNA. In each task Trizma is always focused on how to deliver the best possible experience to our clients, and their end-users.

More about Trizma

What sets Trizma apart is that it's always been about adding value, minimizing cost, and maximizing opportunities for our clients.


For us achievement is a journey not a destination. A journey through which we learn and grow with every step. Along this path we focus on our people, customers, and product.

what we do?

Trizma Smart Outsourcing serves clients across 5 continents, in over 50 countries and in 17 different languages. With 5 services, Trizma has become a trusted partner and go to provider for core business outsourcing.


We are not providing just agents. You have an experienced team on your disposal.


Find, recruit, test and maintain employee experience within your company.


Need help with understanding and discovering hidden data patterns?


With our experienced team on board, forget about debt management.

Build Operate

Let us help you to design, build, operate and maintain your infrastructure.


I am being completely honest when I say that we love what we do, and we fully commit ourselves to delivering an unforgettable experience.

how we do it?

At Trizma we create a healthy learning environment for all of our employees, and promote a culture of continuous growth. This is essential as it directly translates to how we do business with out partners. We strive to initate change, to bring new solutions, and deliver on quality.

Our philosophy also reflects our accomplishments. We have:

70% of our agents speaking languages present in 70% of the world
25 000 CVs in our database
ISO 27001:2017 information security management system certification
ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certification,
our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reaching 99% highs
disaster recovery services in 2 locations

We are looking for new talent

At Trizma we create a healthy learning environment for all of our employees, and promote a culture of continuous growth. If you like what you see, let's build a better future together.